Top 5 Latest Beauty Trends of 2021

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It’s no secret that beauty trends have been changing a lot over the past year — so what are the latest beauty trends as we move into the fall of 2021? The pandemic has impacted our lives in so many ways, including influencing the trends we’ve been witnessing pop up this year. There’s a reason we’ve been seeing bright colors and an emphasis on the upper half of our faces (considering the lower half has been covered by a mask). Let’s jump into the top five latest trends in the beauty industry:

1. No-Makeup Look 

The natural look has gained popularity throughout the pandemic — and no one is complaining! While other fun trends involve playing with makeup colors, we love this trend because there’s nothing better than being able to roll out of bed and apply little to no makeup. If you want to flaunt a no-makeup look but feel concerned about the dark circles under your eyes — don’t worry, we have your back. Our Madi Bella Eye Cream will keep you looking refreshed and ready to take on the day with little to no makeup.  

2. Multicolored French Tips

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from TikTok, it’s that 60’s and 70’s fashion is coming back in full swing. Maybe it’s the pandemic or just the ever-changing fashion trends — but bright, fun colors are super “in right now! Multicolored French tips are a great spin on the classic nail look. Add a few bright colors and some swirls to the top of your nails, and you’re right on-trend. 

3. Colorful Eyes

We’ve had no choice but to wear masks this entire year, so naturally, there has been more of an emphasis on our eyes. Celebrity makeup artist Shadi Malek told Marie Claire that neon eye shadows have made their way to the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry: “Summer 2021 is all about the unique eye makeup—whether it’s asymmetrical graphic liner, pops of color, dramatic lashes—it’s all about saying wow with your eyes.” So, get creative and play with some bright colors on your eyes to get yourself through this dreary pandemic!

4. A Bold Lip

This year is all about bold makeup looks — including our lips (when the masks come off). If you’re feeling like putting on red lipstick for the evening, we recommend opting to keep your eye look more minimalistic. While you could certainly go for a bold makeup look with colorful eyeshadow and lipstick, it’s a little harder to pull off. Red lipstick has never gone out of style — but this is especially true in 2021. 

5. Fresh, Healthy Skin As the Ultimate Foundation

Minimalism for the skin has become incredibly popular — with the creation of the popular new word skinimalism becoming trendy. Some of the most popular Google searches have become “best moisturizer for face” and “best vitamin C serum,” so there’s never been a better time to begin prioritizing healthy skin. Marie Claire and Vogue claim it’s time to ditch the heavy-duty foundations and concealers, so your skin can take some time to breathe and clear up. 

This year has taught us that we should prioritize our health: mind, body, and soul. Prioritizing your skin is one of the best ways to practice self-love. It’s time to start taking a deeper look into what products you put on your face — and the ingredients used to make those products. If you’re looking for organic and vegan skincare that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, take a look at our variety of amazing skincare products here.  

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