The Benefits of Face Shaving for Women

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Would you feel slightly uncomfortable in a conversation about women shaving their faces? Unfortunately, face shaving for women isn’t commonly spoken about because it can be seen as a taboo topic. Every human being grows facial hair — so women should feel no shame or embarrassment when considering shaving their face! Here are the benefits of shaving your face (besides hair removal) that may make you consider adding shaving to your skincare routine: 

Gentle Exfoliator

Dr. Tiffany Libby, MD, works as a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon at Brown University. She notes that women who incorporate shaving into their skincare routine tend to do it because it lightly exfoliates by removing dead skin cells. Sometimes, the ingredients in facial exfoliants can be irritating to sensitive skin. Dermatology experts recommend facial shaving for women approximately every three weeks — or whenever you feel your skin needs light exfoliation!

Improves Product Penetration

Once the top layer of dead skin is gone because facial razors act as gentle exfoliants, you’ll be able to maximize the penetration of the skincare products used on your skin. Obviously, you want the skincare products you’re placing on your face to soak into your skin, but they aren’t as effective if they’re being blocked by a coating of dead skin cells! When women shave their faces, it makes their entire skincare routine more effective. We call that a win-win. 

Smoother Skin

Who doesn’t love having smooth skin? Shaving the face removes hair, debris, excess oil, and dead skin cells — leaving the skin looking and feeling smoother than ever! If you’re looking to instantly have smoother skin, look no further than a facial razor because shaving provides immediate results. 

Easier Makeup Application 

As you can imagine, your makeup will apply much smoother after using a facial razor because you’ll have smoother skin. If you have an important event you’re planning on attending, you could plan to shave your face before putting on your makeup that day. Your face will be extra smooth and radiant for the event — and you’ll be getting all of the compliments. 

Notes About Facial Shaving

Before trying facial shaving, you should thoroughly understand the process to maximize the benefits! Firstly, you need to choose a gentle razor created specifically for women’s skin. Esthetician Dara Levy says, "Men grow terminal hair, which is like a piece of copper wire. Women grow vellus hair, which is soft and delicate. Facial shaving [for women] with a razor designed for the tough skin and terminal hair on a man's skin is counterintuitive."

While women should choose a gentle facial razor — it’s equally important to periodically change the razor blade to avoid unnecessary (and annoying) razor burns! 

You should always cleanse your skin before shaving to prevent any ingrown hairs. It’s also recommended that you use an antiseptic product after shaving to further protect your skin. 

Our bodies have hair because it protects the skin from the sun, so please apply moisturizer and sunscreen after shaving to protect your skin. We hope you can overcome any stigma surrounding women shaving their faces — and own it! You should be proud of doing everything you can to protect your skin and let it thrive. 

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