Natural and Organic Eye Cream For Radiant Skin

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Whether it's from sleep deprivation, allergies, or genetics, our eyes can show wear and tear daily. Dark circles, saggy bags, tender skin, redness, and puffiness are among the most common eye concerns. But there's hope for hydrated, fresh, and bright eyes — a good organic eye cream.  

Eye creams should help brighten and revitalize the eyes. But the harsh chemicals found in many eye creams could actually damage the thin skin around the eyes. It's best to avoid unnatural, synthetic ingredients and stick to the ingredients found in nature. 

Why Go Organic?

Using organic formulas helps you take better care of your skin in a safe, natural way. Organic eye creams are made without the dangerous chemicals found in non-organic eye creams. These chemicals can often irritate the delicate and sensitive skin around your eyes. 

Ingredients found in natural oils, fruit extracts, nut butter, and essential vitamins can plump, hydrate, and de-puff your eyes. 

Here's a tip: if you have naturally dry skin, the skin around your eyes tends to be more easily irritated. An organic eye cream that packs a hefty punch of hydration will help relieve sensitivity. 

All-In-One Eye Cream

If you're dealing with tired and puffy eyes, Madi Bella's Eye Cream will help you hit the refresh button. Our organic eye cream is 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Ingredients include cucumber to de-puff and brighten and calming jojoba with avocado and shea butter for a moisturized eye area. 

How To Apply 

Always be careful when you're applying eye cream. Dot a few drops of your organic eye cream just below your lower lash line. Then gently pat (never rub) the cream using your ring finger. The ring finger is weaker, making it perfect for applying cream without too much pressure. 

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