What Exactly is Body Balm?

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There are so many moisturizing skincare products on the market — so what’s really the difference between lotion, body butter, and balm? While all have hydrating properties, each has a different consistency, depth of penetration for moisturizing and repair, and different active ingredients. 

Lotions have a lighter feeling and are often used to hydrate the skin. On the other hand, body butters are usually denser and utilized to moisturize and repair damaged skin. A balm is essentially an "in-between" of the two. Unlike lotions, body balms often incorporate oils for a more profound moisturizing effect. 

Benefits of Balm

Because balms are denser, using oil or beeswax, they help retain or lock in moisture while serving as a protective barrier for the skin. Also, body balms help deep condition the skin. 

Have you ever noticed that you immediately have to reapply lotion if you wash your hands? Since a balm is not water-based, it doesn't wash away as easily as lotions do. Further, water-based lotions are prone to bacterial growth and require fillers or preservatives to protect against bacteria. However, balms don't need fillers or preservatives since they are oil or wax-based.

Fun fact: balms are also travel-friendly! They are not a liquid, so balms are carry-on friendly. If you’re someone who feels that your skin gets super dry on flights, try applying our body balm mid-flight. The seemingly never-ending pandemic has a newfound light at the end of the tunnel due to the vaccine rollout, so traveling the world is on our agenda again! Our body balm is the perfect travel companion for your upcoming traveling adventures. 

Madi Bella Balm Super Ingredients

Our Body Balm is super light and easily absorbed. We carefully selected aloe to be enriched with fractionated coconut oil and Australian superfoods like Kakadu plum and finger lime. These natural Australian ingredients hydrate and protect the skin from environmental stressors. Both Kakadu plum and finger lime (also known as caviar lime) are well known for their skin and health benefits.

In Northern Australia, Kakadu plums are well known in traditional medicine to treat colds, various illnesses, and headaches. However, they are also used as an antiseptic or soothing balm for the skin. These are an excellent source of antioxidants and have the highest recorded concentration of natural vitamin C in a food source worldwide. Kakadu plums are an outstanding source for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties — helping invigorate the skin while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Finger lime is also a great natural ingredient for the skin. While this fruit is also a great source of vitamin C to help reduce signs of aging, it also contains vitamins A and E. This natural vitamin combination makes finger lime a wonderful skin brightener that is effective for those with sensitive skin.

Not Just a Moisturizer

Of course, we use body balm as a moisturizer, but balms are often used for many other purposes. Balms are a great cuticle softer. Also, when your balm incorporates coconut oil or other antibacterial ingredients (like ours), it can be a natural anti-fungal cream. If you aren't prone to breakouts, balms can make a great "go-to" makeup remover as well. And did you know that you can use our balm as a hair detangler or an "anti-frizz" hair styling product? Our customers love our body balm because it has so many benefits and uses. 

Finally, balms are a lovely replacement for massage oils. Madi Bella Balm is the perfect mix of lotion and oil so that it is lightweight and long-lasting, but not too oily or sticky. 

Our body balm is one of the fundamentals that you should implement into your routine skin health and care. There's nothing better than a product that has multiple uses! 

Love, Madi Bella 


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