How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

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You are beautifully unique — and so is your hair. Nobody has the same body chemistry, skin type, hair texture, works the same schedule, or participates in similar activities in the same environment. 

Moreover, the products and styling tools you use on your hair and how often you use them play a significant factor when determining how often you should wash your hair. Combining these things truly determines how often you should shampoo your hair.

However, we can offer some general guidance to help maintain your hair's life and beauty no matter your unique circumstances: 

Chemistry, Skin Type, and Hair Texture

Let's start with the self-evaluation of your body chemistry, skin type, and hair texture. If you have naturally oily skin or tend to sweat more than others typically do, then you should wash your hair daily to ensure you remove all of the excess oils from your hair follicles. 

We don't recommend daily washing for fine, long hair because this hair type has more prone to dried ends. The result is unwanted breakage and lifeless hair.

On the other hand, if you tend to have dry skin and thick textured hair, you could get away with shampooing twice a week to every other day. Shampooing every other day allows your hair and scalp to maintain some natural oils and moisture so you can avoid an unwanted dry scalp. 

Activity, Lifestyle, and Environment

Your activity level, lifestyle, and environment play an integral part in how often you should wash your hair. You may find that your hair absorbs pollutants if you live in a heavily populated area or work in an industry that generates heavy smoke, smells, or pollutants. In this case, daily shampooing is recommended.

At Madi Bella Beauty, we understand the desire to find a safe daily shampoo to keep your hair looking and smelling fresh. Our products are sourced from vegan ingredients that are completely free of silicone, fragrance, sulfates, and parabens.

The Reality of The Shampooing Schedule

A quick internet search of how often you should shampoo your hair will return thousands of results. All of which say the same thing. It would be best if you didn't shampoo daily unless you have oily hair. Every other day or twice a week is 'generally' sufficient.

But if you have long locks, you soak up all the smells and whatever pollutants you encounter during the day. While in theory it is better to lengthen times between shampooing, many of us need or want to incorporate a daily hair-washing routine. 

So how do you get away with the "daily" and maintain healthy hair and scalp? It requires a high caliber shampoo and conditioner! It would be best if you had something that won't weigh down your hair or strip it of its natural defenses and color. 

Madi Bella Hair Care

Madi Bella has products that cater to all types of hair. When the environment or styling products and tools have your hair crying for extra attention, Madi Bella has formulated rescue products for those 911 emergencies between salon visits. Argan Oil Hair Serum can be used before styling to protect hair and deal with those pesky dead ends.

If you need a more intense treatment for damaged hair, our Hair Repair Mask offers an intensely hydrating formula to bring back life and luster. Madi Bella is passionate about infusing your hair with natural and simplistic products that will leave your hair feeling amazing! 

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