Embrace Your Natural Beauty

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We have all heard the saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The meaning of this proverb is that beauty cannot be judged objectively — because what one person finds beautiful may not appeal to the next person. Here at Madi Bella, we truly believe that everyone should embrace their natural beauty instead of attempting to attain unrealistic beauty standards prevalent in our media landscape today. Check out Buzzfeed’s video to see how beauty standards have changed throughout history. 

While people throughout history have had to deal with society’s set of beauty standards for that specific time, the rise of social media has impacted the modern-day person. We have instant access to people’s filtered online photos  — highlighting unrealistic expectations that make having a healthy body image more complex than ever before. So, how do we maintain a positive body image when it feels like we are constantly swimming against the current? 

Your Power As the Beholder

Having a healthy body image starts with taking your power back and appreciating your unique beauty. It’s imperative to recognize that filters, makeup, photoshop, lighting, and the body’s positioning aren’t realistic. Celebrities and models alike have recently been pushing back by showing their true form and letting go of the standards that others have placed onto them.

Take your power back as the ‘beholder’ — realize that all that matters is how you feel about yourself. It’s time to start recognizing and embracing your uniqueness. After you understand that society’s unrealistic expectations of how you should look are simply unattainable and unacceptable, you can begin to appreciate your body for everything that it does. There’s nothing more beautiful than a body that’s there to support you every day.

Your Body is Powerful

Think about this: your mind and body constantly work together to breathe, digest foods, circulate blood, flush toxins, and fight off infections. Our bodies are so much more than the way that we look on the outside. Once you start to understand and appreciate your body’s functionalities, you will begin to appreciate the entirety of your body. 

Steps to Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Are you ready to start embracing your natural beauty? Here are five actionable steps that we hope will help you on your self-love journey:

  1. Develop positive self-talk with daily affirmations. Even if you don’t believe what you’re saying, it’s incredible how the mind will start to believe what you say to yourself after practicing positive affirmations daily. We recommend speaking to yourself in the present tense. For example, say phrases like ‘I am beautiful. I am strong.’ You will see a change in the way you view yourself after saying those affirmations to yourself a few times per day. 

  1. Practice self-care. We encourage you to take care of yourself, so you feel good about yourself. Sometimes the best thing to do to make yourself feel better is to take a relaxing bath with your favorite music before using a lovely body balm afterward. It’s amazing how a little self-care can go a long way! 

  1. Please be kind to yourself. You truly need to change the way you think about yourself to embrace all you have to offer the world. Try finding five things that you like about yourself right now! 

  1. Limit your time on social media. Did you know that there’s an application on your phone that lets you see the amount of screen time that you’ve spent on your phone that day? While it’s pretty shocking for most people to find out, it’s important to ‘check yourself’ so you can realize how often the unrealistic expectations on social media are impacting you. Please protect your mental health! 

  1. Get yourself moving! Exercise is linked to improved mood. Not only will you get physically stronger the more you exercise, but your mind will get stronger as well. You could have a dance party or take your dogs for a walk — just make it fun and unique to you!

While we’re passionate about skincare and hair care at Madi Bella, we want to emphasize the importance of full-body health. We want all of our customers to realize their full potential. If you’re looking for hair care or skincare to embrace your natural beauty, look no further than our organic and natural products. 

Love, Madi Bella

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