Does Split-End Serum Really Work?

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We’ve all been there — styling our hair, feeling ready for a night out, before noticing a few annoying split-ends. Ugh. Why does it feel like split ends are so common (even for the people who put extra effort into their hair care routines)? 

We can get split ends from washing our hair too much, using hot tools too frequently, or using hair products with too many chemicals.

Too many women are getting split-ends from using products with too many harmful chemicals. In 2022, there’s no reason you should be getting split-ends from hair products when you have incredible organic hair care products!

Even if you use strengthening shampoo or strengthening conditioner, you’ll still get split ends if you use hot tools frequently. 

There has to be a way we can still use curling and flat irons and avoid split ends. The "go-to quick fix" has always been to grab a pair of scissors and trim the split ends. 

Here’s the problem with that: it doesn’t protect hair from future damage. If you find yourself continuously dealing with split ends, you should consider a split-end serum. Here’s why:  

How Does Split-End Serum Solve the Problem?

A split-end serum will make your hair look much healthier — using a split-end serum will seal, smoothen, and repair your damaged hair. 

It doesn’t take a long time to begin noticing the benefits. Typically, most women will start seeing a difference in their strand health after using a hair serum for just a few days. 

NYC-based hairstylist Senada K. Ceka spoke to Allure about the noticeable benefits of split-end serums: "Treatment sprays, glossing serums, and leave-in conditioners all help to make the appearance of split ends less noticeable and give the hair a sleeker, healthier look.” 

Don’t settle for anything less than healthy hair. Try incorporating a split-end serum into your hair routine to see the difference it makes for your hair!

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