5 Benefits of Argan Oil For Better, Happier Hair

Posted by Carson Bruner on

Argan oil is one of the miracle beauty products that has earned a cult following — and for a good reason. This silky oil is often called 'liquid gold' because it helps hydrate, soothe, and nourish hair so it stays looking and feeling healthy as ever. 

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is a plant oil made from the argan tree's kernels. The oil contains skin and hair-loving properties and vitamins to help nourish and hydrate. 

Fun fact about the history of argan oil: Moroccans have been reaping the benefits of argan oil since the 13th century! While argan trees are native to Morocco, where has the Western beauty world been for all this time? The benefits are undeniably amazing!  

5 Reasons To Use Argan Oil For Your Hair 

1. High Dose of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is crucial to your hair's health. This rich antioxidant helps protect the hair (and skin) from free radicals and other harmful elements like pollution, chemical treatments, and hot tools. 

2. It Detangles

Argan oil penetrates the hair cuticles. When the oil gets absorbed into your hair follicles, the hair becomes softer and easier to brush through. 

3. It Has Essential Fatty Acids 

This natural oil also helps increase your hair's elasticity to restore shine and volume. Omega fatty acids give your hair the extra moisture it needs to seal in hydration and protect damaged hair shafts.

4. Goodbye, Frizz!

Argan oil can help prevent dryness, split ends, and breakage — which often causes those pesky flyaways and unruly frizz. 

5. Sun Protection

UV rays can seriously damage your hair's strands! The antioxidant activity in argan oil can help prevent drying, discoloration, and other hair damage from ultraviolet rays.

Madi Bella's  Argan Oil Hair Serum is made with the finest ingredients that will enhance your hair's natural beauty and restore its health. You only need one pump for shiny, healthy-looking hair that will have everyone wondering your beauty secret. Once you incorporate argan oil into your beauty routine, you will never look back! 

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